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Imagine that this morning, you have a need to urgently go to work in another city, and to stand in long queues at the bus station does not allow your busy schedule. Or your favorite grandmother has long been waiting for you to visit on the other end of the country. Or your loved one wanted to make you surprise - purchased tickets to sightseeing in a foreign country, and all tickets for trains and planes has long been booked. What will you do? Cancelling your trip? Or upset grandmother? Of course not! The easiest and quickest way to solve all these problems - it is the purchase of tickets for the bus using site.

So, what do you get with it, except for quick and easy ordering?

Firstly, you can choose the model of the bus, which are planning to go on a journey. Such luxury is unlikely to wait in a conventional bus station.

Secondly, you have the opportunity to purchase tickets in any convenient way - with the help of a laptop, tablet, or mobile application and print it to a printer.

Third, you will learn all the necessary information in advance: phone number of the driver and his car. In the case of your late departure is possible to deposit a few minutes.

And last but not least - you get the comfort and reliability. After all, our transport - easy to use, and the order ticket and travel - are safe.

Free booking - a pledge of transparency of our system

If you still have doubts about the use of our services - here's another advantage. In contrast to the services that run on bus stations, book a ticket to any destination and date may absolutely free. It's simple enough: you find the direction you want and date, select all required parameters - the number of passengers, the bus brand, etc. And instantly provide transport yourself to an important journey for you. Now, the redemption of the ticket - do not have problems here. This can be done in the "My tickets" or using the services of the Customer Service Centre. Remember that you need to keep an SMS-message, which will receive after booking the ticket. With this code, you have no problems will buy back its long-awaited ticket.

Do not rush with the choice of the most expensive ticket: on our website you will be able to choose the travel conditions from economy and VIP. Selection of offers from our carriers is wide enough, and the conditions of carriage - comfortable.

The speed of movement and saving money

If you travel frequently or have time to try out all kinds of transport, then you know that the bus trips - the best form of transport. And here are the reasons:

  1. From point A to point B can be reached more quickly than using the train. Our driver takes care of the security of your trip, and even a safe speed of movement you find yourself in the right place quickly.
  2. The obvious cost savings. For example, on all international flights bus tickets are much cheaper than the train. And, again, you win time.
  3. The comfort and pleasure. Agree, what could be better than a beautiful landscape outside the window of your bus? You can enjoy it during the whole trip, staying up to date with the current place of residence and the weather outside the window. And the air conditioning and sealed windows inside the car will not allow you either freeze or overheat.